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 Replacement Hormones

More Information on Hormones

RxFixer provides saliva testing, consultation and
customized Replacement Therapy
to meet the needs of each woman & man.
Physician’s Prescription Required


Goals of Hormone Replacement Therapy


  • Alleviate the symptoms caused by the natural decrease in production of hormones by the body
  • Give the protective benefits which were originally provided by naturally occurring hormones
  • Re-establish a hormonal balance.



Thyroid Hormone Therapy
for women and men 


Thyroid Hormone helps the body convert food into energy and heat, regulates body temperature and impacts many other hormonal systems in the body.


·         Thyroxine—an inactive form that is produced by the thyroid gland and converted to T3 in other areas of the body

·         Triiodothyronine (T3) the active form.


The roles of thyroid hormone and cortisol and consideration of their impact on multiple body systems is emerging as a critical component of balanced hormone replacement for men and women.


Gary Newton, FACA Pharmaceutical Chemist, Prescription Center